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The Onyfix® nail correction system from Germany, is a new and innovative product for the pain-free treatment of involuted, pincer and ingrowing toenails. Onyfix® is now available to UK & Ireland based Podiatrists, Chiropodists and Foot Health Practitioners with training from Only Footcare Ltd.

Onyfix® is a Class 1 Medical Device that is applied to your nail at its widest part. As your nail grows, it will retrain your nail back into a natural position and shape. The whole process takes several months to complete but is completely painless during application and while wearing the Onyfix® band. Instant relief can be achieved with Onyfix® without having to resort to nail surgery. Onyfix® is suitable for adults, children and diabetics.

Rapid Results
Suitable for Diabetics

How Onyfix® Works

1. The Onyfix® composite is applied to the nail at the widest point to create a band or at the corner where the nail is pinching to provide instant relief of discomfort.

2. After the composite is cured in the LED light, Onyfix® is fixed to the nail in its proximal shape without any tension.

3. The Onyfix® nail correction system ensures that the nail shape is retrained as the nail grows naturally. This can take several months.

4. Once complete, the composite is removed and the nail continues to grow naturally.

Initial Situation
About 10 Weeks Later
About 20 Weeks Later
About 30 Weeks Later

The principal of the Onyfix® nail correction system is to retrain an involuted, pincer or ingrowing nail back to its natural shape over time during the natural growth process. Onyfix® does this without causing any pain or tension in the nail. Onyfix® is suitable for adults, children and diabetic or high risk patients as it offers a non invasive solution for problem nails.

Your foot healthcare practitioner will prepare your nail prior to application and clear any nail debris that is causing you discomfort. The Onyfix® composite is then modelled on to your nail and cured with a special LED Blue Light. Your nail is now fixed into shape and the correction starts to take place. Your foot healthcare practitioner will review you regularly and reapply as necessary to achieve the desired results.

Before Treatment
Before Treatment
Before Treatment
After 36 Weeks
After 36 Weeks
After 36 Weeks
After 24 Weeks
After 36 Weeks

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The Benefits of Onyfix


The treatment is surgery-free, which means it’s pain-free

Rapid Treatment

Rapid treatments with a rapid healing process


Induces a natural growth process


Corrects the nail growth pattern without tension


Safe for all patients, including diabetics, effectiveness backed by clinical studies

No Restrictions

No patient activity restrictions

Go Polish

Topicals and nail polishes can still be used

Class 1 Medical Device

Onyfix® is a Class 1 Medical Device

Onyfix Products

Onyfix FAQs for Patients

Onyfix FAQs for Foot Healthcare Professionals

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