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New safe and effective treatment for fungal nails.

ClearToe Light Therapy by ToeFX is a new, safe and effective in-clinic treatment for onychomycosis (fungal nails) using photodisinfection therapy. Clinical studies show a 96% positive response after 6 months of treatment. Only Footcare Ltd is proud to be appointed the exclusive distributor and training partner in the UK & Ireland. Join us on your journey to bring this innovative treatment to your practice, and help your patients live fungus free.

Vegan Friendly
Feet Treated In 30 Mins
Proven Clinical Studies

Why Choose ToeFX

Light therapy as a treatment modality has been used worldwide in oncology and dermatology treatments to great effect for many years. ToeFX technology emerged from a research partnership with McMaster University in Canada and is backed by years of clinical data. ToeFX is one of the first photodisinfection systems authorised specially for the treatment of onychomycosis.

Surveys show us that 10-20% of the general population and over 50-60% of seniors report having fungal nails. Clinicians know nail fungus is one of the most challenging nail disorders to treat. Over-the-counter lacquers show very poor results, especially on very thick nails and well-established infections. Patients are often reluctant to take oral medications due to their associated contraindications for use. As it is difficult to get help on the NHS for fungal nails, most people will consult private practitioners.

We know that fungal nails can smell offensive, are highly contagious and can cause secondary infections. However, these surveys also tell us that most patients are mainly concerned with how their nails look, finding themselves embarrassed by them. They hide their toes away and it can affect their day-to-day activities. ToeFX offers an easy, effective, non-surgical solution with no side effects.

How Does ToeFX Work?

ToeFX is a simple and easy system to use in the clinic. It comprises 2 products: the ClearToe Serum and the ClearToe Therapy Light. The technology works by stimulating the production of reactive oxygen species, which effectively destroy the membrane of the fungal cells. ClearToe Serum is a non-toxic formulation containing a blue dye molecule that preferentially binds to fungal microorganisms. The serum has a lower surface tension than water, making it very easily absorbed. It is delivered via a single-use pen of 1ml and it has the ability to be absorbed by a well-debrided or fenestrated nail plate. The serum molecules attach to the fungal cells when the nails are soaked with ClearToe serum for 10/15 minutes. The feet are then placed under the Red LED therapy light for a further 15 minutes to complete the treatment.

The ClearToe Therapy Light includes four red LEDs at a wavelength of 660 nm. The light triggers a photochemical reaction that produces reactive oxygen species, which are responsible for lethally disrupting the fungal cell membrane, effectively killing the fungal Cells.

Quick, Easy, Effective Treatment

30 Minutes
Every 2 Weeks
8-10 Appointments

The ToeFX treatment protocol is very quick and easy to administer. One of the main advantages for the practitioner is that the complete treatment is performed in the clinic. The patient is not required to spray or apply any medications or perform any homecare between appointments, apart from improving their foot hygiene routine (patient advice leaflets are available as part of our training package). This is a huge advantage compared to other treatments, as one of the reasons so many treatment regimens fail is that patient compliance wanes quickly. Results for fungal nail treatment are always slow to show improvement. While we can’t influence the speed at which nails grow, it is clear that visible results start to appear very quickly with ToeFX and photographic evidence, taken at each appointment, will keep your patient motivated to conclude the treatment.

At the initial appointment, a diagnostic fungal nail test should be undertaken to establish a positive test result before embarking on a course of treatment. We recommend the Diafactory Dermatophyte Test which offers 97% accuracy and is conducted in the clinic. The first appointment will vary in time according to how many nails require either heavy debridement or fenestration, we recommend Clearanail as the safest way to fenestrate nails.

After debridement or fenestration, the ToeFX treatment time is always the same for either 1 or 10 nails – just 30 minutes, every 2 weeks for 8-10 appointments. Follow-up appointments are then monthly until cleared and the nails retested to conclude a clinical cure.

Clinical studies show 97% of patients respond to the treatment within 6 months
Both feet can be treated in just 30 minutes
High patient compliance
Great starter packages available for practitioners and clinics
Vegan friendly

ToeFX Results

Clinical trials were conducted in 2020 and 97% of patients responded to the treatment. 76% of patients showed total or substantial clearance of the infection, 21% showed some degree of improvement and only 3% showed minimal or no response in the nail surface area covered by fungus after only 6 months. The ToeFX Clear Toe serum has been shown to be effective for patients with onychomycosis (dermatophytes Trichophyton Rubrum and T Mentagrophytes and/or yeasts Candida Albicans etc).

Train In ToeFX With Us

If you want to bring this innovative new treatment for fungal nails to your clients, join us for Only Footcare ToeFX training. You’ll become a fully certified ToeFX practitioner, and become part of our Practitioners Directory so that you can be easily found by patients and connect with our community Foot Care specialists. When you first purchase the full ToeFX kit with us, we’ll get in touch with you to organise your training.

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