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What is Toeflex Hybrid Gel?

It is a poly-acryl Gel for toenail reconstruction and sustained strengthening.

The latest development in nail technology from Germany is neither an acrylic nor a gel. It is a hybrid system that combines the best of both worlds in a revolutionary all-in-one, easy to use system that is a total game-changer in your clinic or domiciliary practice.

The Toeflex Hybrid Gel itself is an easy to use, all in one formula. With a putty-like consistency that requires no mixing or sticky posts getting in your way. It is easy to apply with a smooth, perfect finish.

​We recommend that you attend our foot health care training to get the most from Toeflex and fully understand how to work it. Even if you are already trained in nail reconstructions, you will benefit from learning updated working practices and protocols. Plus, it’s a quick treatment – the gel formula cool cures under an LED lamp in just 60 seconds.

Toeflex Nail Reconstruction Products

If you are looking to integrate Toeflex products into your clinic, the Toeflex Hybrid Gel Starter Pack is a great place to begin. The starter kit contains everything you need to get started with the gel system (including the hybrid gel LED Light Unit). The pack also contains enough product to complete at least 60 clients, so you will easily and very soon get a great return on your investment.

If you and your clients are already enjoying the benefits of Toeflex and you’d like to restock, the OnlyFootcare shop has all the components you’ll need including the Gel Primer and Top Coat. If you love the results produced with Toeflex, then check out the Onyfix Nail Correction Products which offers pain-free toenail correction and strengthening.

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