Clinisept+ Podiatry

Clinisept+ Podiatry

Clinisept+ Podiatry professional products offer powerful antimicrobial foot care for use in podiatry applications. Cleansing, deodorising and providing exceptional microbial control, Clinisept+ is the ideal aftercare product for your patients. Helping to aid recovery, it is a highly effective solution against the microorganisms which are responsible for compromising foot health. The Clinisept+ range allows patients to maintain optimum foot hygiene, either post-procedure or as part of a daily foot health regime. Not all about aftercare, Clinisept+’s powerful antimicrobial care is also perfect for use during podiatry procedures. It is completely skin compatible and causes no irritation or sensitisation.

Exceptional Levels Of Skin Hygiene
Enhanced Post Procedure Recovery With Exceptional Aftercare Products
Safe, Easy To Use & Effective

The Benefits of Clinisept+ Podiatry

Clinisept+ products make the perfect pre-treatment prep and aftercare for all podiatry procedures, including Verruca Pen treatments or nail reconstruction or correction procedures like Toeflex and Onyfix. Browse the Only FootCare shop to discover the right product for your practice.

Highly Effective Cleansing Antimicrobial
Skin Neutral pH
Non Toxic, Non Irritant & Non-Cytotoxic
Contains No Chlorhexidine, Alcohol, Petroleum Or Oils
Dermatologically Tested
Non-irritant To Sensitive Skin
Reduces The Appearance Of Redness & Swelling
Effective Deodoriser

Clinisept+ Podiatry Products

Clinisept+’s advanced hypochlorous technology is gentle on the skin, yet offers highly effective antimicrobial protection through its unique oxidising method of action. Unlike traditional skin cleansing chemistries that contain alcohol and chlorhexidine, Clinisept+ Podiatry products don’t harm, irritate or sensitise the dermal layer. The Clinisept+ formula is cooling and calming on irritated skin, reducing redness and easing inflammation. Get a step ahead of your competition by enhancing post-procedure outcomes and speeding up healing times for your patients, with the Clinisept+ Podiatry 100ml bottles – perfect for taking home.

Suitable for use by those with athlete’s foot as well as diabetics, Clinisept+ has a skin-neutral pH and is non-toxic containing no harsh alcohol, parabens, petroleum, oils or lanolin. Hypochlorous technology mimics the same chemistry that powers the human immune system. Produced by the white blood cells that combat infection, it offers effective protection against fungi, bacteria, viruses and spores. Clinisept is also made with cruelty-free methods and is a vegan-friendly product.

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