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FAQs For Footcare Professionals

Footcare Training

Currently we offer 1-2-1 training in limited venues. Please contact us directly to agree your training at If you are attending an in-person training, the workshop is 4 hours long and you will have a practical assessment on the day working on a patient and receive your certificate. We will increase class sizes as Covid restriction ease and in accordance with UK Government guidelines.

If you are attending one of our online classes, the training is approximately 3 hours long which includes practical work. There is plenty of opportunity to engage with the trainer and other students and ask questions etc. We keep the class numbers small so that everyone gets an opportunity to participate. There is a short comfort break during the class. You must complete a case study in your own time to send to your trainer before you get your full certification.

The Onyfix training workshop is a 3 hour fully interactive online program, plus time producing your case studies.

We supply you with a ‘training foot’ for the practical element of the online class. Together as a group activity we work with the Toeflex gel to explore how it works, how to apply it and remove it etc.

There is a short knowledge test to complete at the end of the training session, it is multiple choice with a pass rate of 80%. There are no trick questions, everything you need to know is covered in the training.

If you are completing an online class then your certificate will be sent to you once you have completed your case study successfully. We require you to send pictures of your case study to your trainer for evaluation.

If you attend an in-person class, you will receive your certificate on the day.

If you are already trained with another product and know the fundamentals of toenail reconstruction then you should make the transition to Toeflex very easily. The principals are the same, but the application technique is different. We would advise you to attend a Toeflex conversion class to ensure you get the most out of your products.

We strongly advise that you take the training offered in order to get the best from the products.

Yes, in order to fully understand the treatment and protocols you must attend training. You will be required to produce case studies for evaluation. Currently we are offering online classes and one to one in person training in a few locations around the UK & Ireland. Please contact us with your training request if you can’t find a date that suits you on our website.

Unfortunately as Onyfix is a Class 1 Medical device we are unable to train you. You must be a Foot Healthcare Professional, Podiatrist or Chiropodist to train in the UK. If you are unsure about your qualifications if they were gained abroad, please contact us.

In the UK, Only Footcare Ltd offers the official training program, which includes the Onyfix & Onylux starter kits, training manual, knowledge test and the full support of your trainer leading to Onyfix certification for one complete price of £545 +VAT.

General Questions

You can purchase all your Onyfix supplies from us directly, visit our shop to find the full range.

You should always check with your own insurance company, but nail reconstructions are generally covered under your practice insurance at no extra cost, however it is your responsibility to check.

You will be able to achieve 75-80 treatments from the start up kit.

FAQs For Our Footcare Brands

Onyfix FAQs

Please email us at along with your details and location and we will direct you to a trusted Onyfix practitioner in your area.

Onyfix can usually be applied during your allotted appointment time as it only takes about 10 minutes to apply, but your practitioner will guide you through each step.

The cost of Onyfix treatments can vary, so please ask your foot healthcare professional when booking your appointment.

Onyfix bands will usually last at least 3 months or longer. In the majority of cases it stays in place until it grows right out with the nail. You may have to have more than one band applied as your nail is corrected over time, depending on the severity of the deformity.

Please consult with your foot healthcare professional to assess your suitability for an Onyfix treatment. They will advise you. Generally speaking Onyfix is ideal for ingrown nails and pincer nails including children’s nails.

You must first of all consult your foot healthcare professional, who will advise you. The infection must be treated and cleared before you have an Onyfix treatment, this may include antibiotics.

Yes, Onyfix is suitable for diabetics. It is a Class 1 Medical device and has been rigorously clinically tested on diabetics.

Toeflex FAQs

It usually only takes about 10 minutes for your foot healthcare practitioner to reconstruct a big toenail for example. Most practitioners will book you clinic time depending on how many nails need to be treated and will quote you depending on the amount of work your nails need. Please do ask them for advice during your initial consultation. Nail reconstructions can usually be completed during a routine foot health appointment.

Toeflex can be used on a variety of damaged nail conditions and can also be applied during a treatment for fungal nails. Toeflex is not a treatment for fungal nails, but rather a cosmetic way of disguising the nail while you undergo treatment if appropriate. Nails that have been damaged by trauma, like running or sport, can be reconstructed very easily with Toeflex. Permanently damaged nails really benefit from a cosmetic makeover with Toeflex.

Your foot healthcare practitioner will ensure that your toe is suitable for a Toeflex reconstruction. They will usually carry out your routine foot care treatment at the same time. They will monitor the nails progress and make sure that your nails health is not compromised. You will only need to go to one place to ensure continuity of care.

You will need to return to your foot healthcare practitioner approximately every 8 weeks for maintenance of your Toeflex nail. They will remove the Toeflex, check that all is well and reapply as necessary. There is always a charge for this, but it is usually done during your routine foot health appointment.

No, you should not feel any pain when having a nail reconstruction.

Toeflex is manufactured in Germany for OnlyFootcare Ltd to the latest EU Cosmetic directives and is registered on the CPN Portal.

Toeflex is a hybrid gel product, derived from acrylic technology and traditional hard gels. It offers the best features of both these products and is super easy to apply without having to build up lots of layers.

Toeflex comes in a convenient tube. You simply dispense exactly what you need to work with on the spatula. It is clean to work with, no sticky pots, no spillage issues, no risk of contamination from having pots open to airborne dust or UV light.

We use a metal spatula to apply Toeflex and a gloved finger, so no need to use disposable brushes, mixing pots etc. We use a brush to smooth the surface only, so no risk of cross contamination.

Toeflex nails are long lasting, but it very much depends on what you are building on and what your patients do with their nails. If they are hard on their feet, sporty etc, they may not last as well as a client who has slow growing nails and who takes care of them meticulously.

Yes – We would recommend that your patients return at least every 8 weeks for maintenance. We usually don’t infill a Toeflex nail, but remove the whole reconstruction, to check the integrity of the natural nail underneath and then reapply as required.

We recommend that your patients use Podoexpert Nail Tincture to take care of their Toeflex nails. Podoexpert Nail Tincture is an anti-fungal anti-mycotic product which will help to keep the nail in good condition and keep any voids clean and clear of bacteria.

Toeflex will not produce any heat when it is curing, so should be safe to use on a well controlled diabetic. We would not recommend Toeflex as an intervention for high risk patients as it is a cosmetic treatment.

You can of course paint over Toeflex. You can use any type of Gel Polish (just leave off the base coat) or regular nail lacquer. You can remove nail polish with any type of polish remover as acetone won’t affect it.

Toeflex is suitable for all patients. If the patient doesn’t want a shiny finish to their nail, then you can create Toeflex with a matt finish very easily. Toeflex is available in clear or skin tone, to match your patient’s other nails and disguise any damage under the nail.

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