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Feetcalm believes in creating everyday foot care that reaches to the root of common concerns, with effective solutions. Using ingredients that are designed to respect the skin, the Feetcalm products delivers results. Did you know that our feet will carry us 4 times around the world in our lifetime? When you look after your feet, your feet will look after you.


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Care for tired legs and feet, hydrate dry skin and eliminate excessive sweating and bad odours with a range of easy-to-use products, for professional treatments or at-home use. Say goodbye to cracked heels with formulas enhanced with urea and hyaluronic acid, and soften painful corns and calluses. Feetcalm champions innovative foot care and innovative ingredients, helping you keep your feet healthy and strong every step of the way.

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Feetcalm take foot care to the next level, dedicated to offering effective footcare solutions that are backed by science. Their commitment to excellence is unwavering. All products in the range, from miraculous mousses to innovative foot ampoules, are conceived, formulated and manufactured in Spain. With a dedication to scientific rigour and the highest standards, FeetCalm provide foot care solutions to meet the most demanding requirements.

Like Only Footcare, FeetCalm understand that every individual’s feet are unique, and some require extra care. That’s why all FeetCalm products undergo rigorous dermatological testing to ensure they are safe and suitable for even the most sensitive skin types. You can trust in foot care solutions are gentle, non-irritating, and designed to deliver exceptional results without compromising on safety.

When you choose FeetCalm, you choose confidence. These products combine cutting-edge research, advanced formulas, and the finest ingredients to create solutions that address a wide range of foot concerns. From odour control to tackle smelly feet and hydration solutions for cracked heels, to soothing and revitalising tonics for tired feet, FeetCalm has got you covered.

Finally, experience visible results without waiting. FeetCalm products are fast-acting, with high concentrations of active ingredients. Start seeing results within just 24 hours!

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