Advanced Pedicure Training

Advanced online Pedicure Training for Beauty Therapists and Pedicurists.

This course is designed for Beauty Therapists and Pedicurists who wish to upskill and improve their pedicure service. The focus of this course is to give you the skill to safely remove hard callus using a single-use, sterilised scalpel blade.

You must be able to prove you already have a Level 2 Qualification in Beauty Therapy Pedicure (or equivalent) before embarking on this training.

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Accredited & Insurable
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Why Get Certified With Us?

Learn at a pace that suits your busy life and work commitments. Our self-directed online course allows you to work on each of the 10 modules at your own pace and complete your case studies in the comfort of your own workspace.

The course is CPD Approved and insurable, which will allow you to work in confidence. You’ll upskill, boost your career and be able to deliver safe and professional callus removal as part of your pedicure offering.

Throughout the course you will have access to virtual support (via WhatsApp) from our team of foot health experts, as well as a place on our sought-after Practitioner’s Directory upon completion.

To get you started, you will also receive 10 free single-use Disposable Blades with your course and a startup kit of Feetcalm products (depending on which course pack you choose).

Meet Your Trainer

What Will You Learn?

Designed as 10 easy-to-follow modules, this online program allows you to work at your own pace and submit your case studies for evaluation when you are ready. Each module is crafted to build your expertise step by step, ensuring you gain the confidence and proficiency needed to safely reduce hard skin on the foot, using precision blades.

blue gloved hands removed skin from the skin of a white person's foot with a metal scalpel

Modules include the following topics:


Health & Safety


Note Taking

Common Nail Dystrophies & Skin Complaints

Diabetes & Blood Thinners

Dealing With Cuts

Safely Using A Surgical Blade

Feetcalm Product Knowledge

Practical Work

Callus Removal Before & After Results

Booking Advanced Pedicure Training

Once you have completed your online booking, we will verify your qualifications and send you your password and login details so that you can get started on your training. Please note, you must have proof of your Level 2 Qualification in Beauty Therapy Pedicure (or equivalent).

You will be guided every step of the way as you work through the course and have access to your personal tutor. You will receive feedback and support as you progress through the course.

Once qualified you will distinguish yourself in a very competitive beauty industry by adding this specialised skill to your repertoire. Your clients will appreciate your advanced knowledge and techniques, making you a sought after pedicurist in your area.

Advanced Pedicure Training & Feetcalm Products

Advanced Pedicure Training FAQs

This course is specifically designed for Beauty Therapists and Pedicurists wishing to upskill and improve their pedicure service. The focus of this course is to give you the skill to safely remove hard callus using a single-use, sterilised scalpel blade. In turn you’ll be able to increase your profit, safely acheiving amazing results for your clients.

It is only open to students over the age of 18, and you must be able to prove you already have a Level 2 Qualification in Beauty Therapy Pedicure (or equivalent) before beginning the training.

The Advanced Pedicure Training course is accredited by the CPD Certification Service. CPD is a well known organisation and is recognised in over 100 countries for its high certification standards and promotion of continued professional development.

At the time of answering this question (2024), we know that Alliance, ABT and Salon Gold are but a few insurance companies that cover this certification. Most insurance companies will insure a treatment once a certificate is gained and as long as you can prove a sufficient amount of learning in the subject. However, please do check with your insurance provider that they will accept CPD certification before purchasing this course.

The Advanced Pedicure course only allows you to reduce callus, it does not allow you to enucleate corns or treat other foot health conditions such as fungal nails, verrucas or ingrowing nails. We do, however, teach you what to look out for and who to refer to.

No, unfortunately not. Working in a care home would require a deeper understanding of foot health in order for you to provide safe and effective treatments. The Advanced Pedicure course is designed as a professional development route for Beauty Therapists and Pedicurists and not to replace Foot Health Practitioners and Podiatrists.

Callus peels are a strong exfoliator that softens and reduces a small amount of callus. You find, once the skin has dried, that the hard skin remains and is only improved slightly. Although a great alternative for rough/dry heels, they aren’t advantageous for medium to thick callus.

The Advanced Pedicure Training course teaches you how to successfully reduce callus using a surgical blade. Once confident, you will be able to reduce a large amount of callus, with results lasting weeks, rather than hours.

This would depend on your area and your own business costs. However, our students have been known to charge anything between £55 and £90 for an Advanced Pedicure without a polish application.

No, not at all. Technically speaking you only need a few items to get started, however, we do recommend investing in a good quality foot product brand to give the best possible results. Feetcalm has been used in the creation of The Advanced Pedicure course, so we know just how great the results can be when using it.

When confident, you will be able to complete an Advanced Pedicure treatment within 45 minutes, or an hour with a gel application. To start with, we would recommend giving yourself an hour and 15 minutes to an hour and a half until you are confident with using the blade on your clients.

Once we have seen your two case studies and have issued your certificate then you are good to go! If you are ever in doubt then go back to your practice module and have another go. There is always the option to upgrade to in-person training if you feel you need a little extra encouragement or help.

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