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Only Footcare Ltd are delighted to introduce you to the Podoexpert Foot Foam Series. Clinically proven to not only moisturise the skin but actually induce skin ‘repair’ within 4 weeks.

We have samples of our best seller Dry to Cracked Skin Formula with 8% Urea for you to try. Simply complete the form below and we’ll post it out to you.

Interested to find out more about the science behind the Podoexpert products? View the original paper.

Available to our UK customers only, one sample per client, while stocks last.

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Dry to Cracked Skin Formula with 8% Urea

The Science

This patented, clinically proven formula achieves this with two unique ingredients found only in the Podoexpert series;

BarrioExpert ® Foam Technology & BarrioExpert ® LIPO2 Skin Repair Technology

BarrioExpert ® Foam Technology provides a non occlusive, selectively-breathable protective mesh over the skin, just like ‘Gortex’; keeping the moisture in and preventing TEWL while keeping out germs, dirt and allergens.

BarrioExpert ® LIPO2 Skin Repair Technology additionally provides biomimetic or skin like lipids, which together with other key ingredients create an environment that promotes the skin’s own regeneration, repairing the skin’s protective barrier.

Clinical studies prove that this technology restores a healthy skin barrier in just 4 weeks (or less!).

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