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Are you a foot health care professional who mainly carries out home or domiciliary visits? Or maybe you have a small clinic space that makes storing and displaying stock difficult? If the answer to either of the above is yes, then the Podoexpert Team Scheme is for you.

The Podoexpert Team Scheme is an affiliate program specifically designed for foot care professionals that carry out home visits or have clinics with little or no space to hold or display stock. Our Team Scheme means you can now recommend and supply great products to your patients that are evidence-based, without the hassle of holding your own stock.

Great For You

Earn 18% commission on products

Your commission is paid to you immediately

No need to spend your commission with us

No complicated statements or reports to deal with

No need to hold stock

Great For Your Clients

Premium products that work

Delivered straight to their door

No need for them to wait till your next visit

No hassle ordering online

You order for them and pay using your card

They can pay you together with the cost of their treatment

You know that they are using the products you have recommended

How it works:

1. To join the Team Scheme today, purchase our Podoexpert Team Scheme Opening Kit.

2. We will email you your unique Teamster Code once your order has been received.

3. Place patients orders through using your Teamster Code and earn 18% per sale – you charge them the full RRP. There is no need to wait for the commission to be paid and you can order as often as you like.

4. Products can be delivered direct to your patients home or to your clinic, with free delivery over £25.

What is in the Team Scheme Opening Kit?

The Team Scheme Kit provides all the key products you need to get started with Podoexpert in your practice at the best possible price. Impress patients with the Podoexpert results, and earn money by retailing the products without needing to store any stock yourself.

The Team Scheme Opening Kit includes:

Professional Foot File
Podoexpert Dry to Cracked Skin Foam (No Urea) – 125ml
Podoexpert Dry to Cracked Skin Foam – 300ml
Podoexpert Healthy Nail Tincture – 50ml
Podoexpert Liquid Gold Callus Softener Spray – 200ml
Podoexpert Cracked Heel Cream – 100ml
Podoexpert Dry, Reddened and Itching Skin Foam – 125ml

Currently the Team Scheme is only available in the UK only.

More About Podoexpert

The Podoexpert brand are experts in medical skin care. Podoexpert products contain the patented BarrioExpert LIPO2 Skin Repair Technology, which ensures rapid repair and sustainable regeneration of the skin barrier. This helps promote healthy skin and happy feet – which ultimately means a more comfortable life.

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