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Summer is on its way and before we know it we will be in our sandals and lightweight summer shoes. For most of us it’s a time we look forward to, but for some, it brings the dread of sweaty feet and the embarrassment of foot odour.

Don’t worry, with a few simple tricks up your sleeve smelly feet will be a thing of the past. In this blog, we will explore some simple steps you can take if you suffer from sweaty feet and or foot odour.

What Causes Smelly Feet?

Foot odour is caused by a buildup of sweat and bacteria that starts to break down, causing an offensive odour. If you have an athlete’s foot infection there is a high chance you will suffer from smelly feet too. Regular washing of the feet, and using special products to reduce sweat and odour are the best ways to manage this issue, if you are suffering.

5 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Foot Odour

1) Cleaning Your Feet

First of all, let’s think about how we clean our feet. When you are wearing open shoes all day long you really need to wash your feet at the end of the day to get the city dirt and grime off. Think about the pavements you are walking on, the grass verges, parks etc. and how clean those areas are. Some of that grime will be on your feet at the end of the day, finding its way into the cracks and crevices and under your nails.

Take some time to sit down and pop your feet into a foot bath, 10 minutes is all it takes. It doesn’t have to be a fancy electric foot spa, but it could be a washing-up bowl especially purchased for the job – you can get them for as little as a couple of quid. Just make sure that your feet fit in it. Use warm water with an added foot soak, like Dermatonics Sensory Foot Soak or Feet Calm Tired Feet Salts. These products contain antibacterial ingredients, as well as skin softeners and smell gorgeous, making your foot soak time a great chill-out experience for you.

2) Drying Your Feet Properly

Next, dry your feet. If you have an Athlete’s Foot infection (tinea Pedis) on the soles and skin of your feet or between your toes, then make sure you don’t share the towels with anyone. Better still, use a kitchen roll to dry them and make sure you go between your does and dry them properly.

To assist you with keeping your feet dry, you could then choose to use a special talcum powder with deodorising and antiperspirant effect. This will help to keep your feet comfortable and cool all day.

If you also have some hard skin on your feet you can use a foot file after the bath and then a moisturiser for sweaty feet like Dermatonics Deodorising Fizzy Foot Foam, with antiperspirant and cooling effect.

3) Check Your Shoes

Next look at your shoes: You should try to rotate your shoes and not wear the same ones every day. That is easier said than done if you wear special footwear for work, like steel-toe cap boots. With industrial shoes and boots, you must make sure that you open the laces right up to let the moisture escape. You could dry them out with a hair dryer, ski boot dryers, or Boot Bananas which absorb excess moisture.

If you wear flip-flops or other washable shoes, make sure you wash them out regularly as they will get very dirty from the streets. Simply use hot, soapy water.

4) Wear Socks

Socks should be changed daily and if you really suffer with sweaty feet (hyperhidrosis) then consider changing them during the day. If you go to the gym after work, put on fresh socks after your shower. Try to purchase natural fibres like cotton or bamboo socks, which keep your feet cooler. Or if you are wearing heavy work boots, use Merino wool socks instead of man-made fibres.

We don’t recommend that you don’t wear socks with your shoes. That is like wearing the same pair of socks every day and your shoes will soon stink! If you don’t like the look of socks, try to wear trainer liners rather than go sockless if you can.

5) Get A Good Foot and Shoe Deodoriser

If you suffer with sweaty feet and bad foot odour, then it is always worth trying a good deodoriser. There are lots of foot odour spray options available, but we recommend a two-in-one spray like the FeetCalm Shoe & Foot Deodorant Spray.

Regular shoes, boots and sandals should be sprayed before and after use with a special Shoe and Foot Deodorant spray which will not damage the leather or fabric of your shoes. Regular use will help to keep bacteria under control and if you spray when you take your shoes off, you will notice a difference. Spray again before you put your shoes on and they will feel extra fresh.

Finally, if after doing all these easy steps, you are still really suffering then you should see a local foot health care professional.

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